National Workshop Equipment exhibited Launch at Automechanika

National Workshop Equipment exhibited Launch at Automechanika

This year National Workshop Equipment attended Automechanika in Johannesburg where we had the opportunity to exhibited LAUNCH. Automechanika is a global automotive industry event featuring the latest car repair and maintenance products, services, technologies, and trends. South Africa’s leading international trade fair for the automotive service industry targets trade visitors from the Sub-Saharan Region. Participants can stay up to date on current topics related to automobile repairs and maintenance by attending workshops in their field.

Plenty of possibilities that can help increase your skill set with training sessions & demonstrations organized by leading suppliers/manufacturers. A chance to meet future business partners or benefit from an expanded network which could become conceivably beneficial both personally as well as professionally. With thousands of visitors just in one location you'll gain potential customers, and dealers along with valuable feedback resulting in increased awareness among customers, colleagues & competitors.

Automechanika 2023: National Workshop Equipment

National Workshop Equipment at Automechanika 2023

National Workshop Equipment brings you all the latest in diagnostic, vehicle hoists. We are leading agents for the best brands including Launch. National Workshop Equipment is South-Africa’s official dealer and deliver nationwide. Having the correct equipment and advice is essential to meeting your workshop requirements, with over 20 years in the industry we have the experience to guide you to the correct solutions.

The world of automotive repair demands reliable, high-quality diagnostic tools that can perform difficult tasks. Launch provides a wide range of industry-leading products. LAUNCH initially put forward the concept of automotive aftermarket in 1994. With advanced auto diagnostic technology, LAUNCH has developed several production lines of auto diagnosis, test and maintenance, and lifter, etc., which are providing a series of professional tools for the auto maintenance industry.

LAUNCH at National Workshop Equipment, Automechanika 2023

Devoting itself to researching self-designed and developed software products, achieved high achievements in technical research in the field of automotive testing. Let’s look at some of the diagnostic tools offered: OBD scanners contain onboard diagnostics used to determine if there is an issue within the car’s system or engine without having to remove physical components. All systems diagnostics can scan multiple systems on your car such as fuel trimming levels, exhaust emissions control parameters as well as more specific tests. Specialty scanners help pinpoint individual specific codes related to certain systems like airbags, ABS brakes, SRS lights among other sensors.